Brisbane Holiday Dollars a Positive
Move for the CBD

April 2021


The Property Council of Australia has applauded the Queensland Government and Brisbane City Council for their support of the city through today’s announcement of the Brisbane Holiday Dollars program.

This initiative shows Government understands the important role a thriving capital city plays in contributing to the State’s broader economy, and is getting behind local businesses at a time when they need it most.

Property Council Queensland Deputy Executive Director, Jen Williams, said with JobKeeper coming to an end last month, the program will create extra momentum and certainty for many operators across the city centre.

“This is a clear signal from both levels of government that Brisbane is a safe place to work, visit and play, and is very much back open for business,” Ms Williams said.

“While well ahead of many cities in Australia and around the world in our return to the CBD, we know that the absence of tourists and international students has had a devastating impact on many businesses across the city.

“The pandemic has led to less daily foot traffic in the city centre, with retailers, entertainment precincts and food businesses bearing the brunt of this impact.

“Attracting tourists- whether local or from further afield- back into the city will help boost the foot traffic and activity needed for businesses to keep their doors open.

“CBDs are the backbone of our economy and rely on tourists, international students and workers as part of their ecosystem.

“In the lead up to important milestones such as the 2032 Olympics, it is vital that our CBD continues to grow, diversify and remains an attractive, vibrant place to visit.

“Announcements such as today’s provide a positive message back to the community that it is safe- and worthwhile- to break habits formed during lockdown, encouraging them to get back out and exploring attractions in our backyard.”