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Homes For Sale

Find Stunning Homes For Sale at Harringtons Realty.

Do you dream of investing in local real estate? Are you trying to find the perfect houses to buy for your portfolio? Maybe you want to find homes for sale that you can rent out to new tenants. No matter the situation or scenario, the talented and experienced team at Harringtons Realty is suited to handle the task.

Buying Property in Brisbane? Call Harringtons Realty!

There are few experiences in life that can match the satisfaction that comes with closing a real estate deal. Selling a piece of property that we poured our heart into can lead to satisfaction and gratification, along with our revenue from the sale. Whether we are looking for houses to buy or homes for sale, our goal with Harringtons Realty will remain the same — to find a great property at unbeatable prices.

Reasons to Hire Harringtons Realty

  • Local Professionals Proud to Serve Bulimba and the Surrounding Suburbs

  • All In One Property Management Services Available

  • Harringtons Realty Will Handle

    • All Paperwork,

    • Price Negotiations

    • Property Hunting

  • No-Obligation Consultation Services Available

Harringtons Realty has more than 40 years of property management experience on their team. Focused on staying involved from beginning consultation all the way to the closing paperwork, now is the perfect time to get in touch with the hardest working real estate team in Brisbane!

Find Homes For Sale at Harringtons Realty

Harringtons Realty first opened its doors in 2000 under the guidance of Tracie Harrington, founder, and managing director at the business. Tracie has more than $3b in investment management in her portfolio with experience in Australia as well as overseas. Tracie and the rest of the team at Harringtons Realty are uniquely qualified to help you find the perfect houses to buy for your needs.

Schedule a meeting today with Tracie to embark upon your real estate journey!

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