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How Changing Your Mindset Can Change Your Life

I know, you have all heard it all before “change your mindset and change your life” and for some of you it makes total sense, you can see the direct correlation between the two, but for others it can be harder to see further than living day to day and trying to put one foot in front of the other. Trust me I totally get that!

If I go back just a few years myself, before beginning my coaching journey and starting ‘The Mind and Body Co’, I was working multiple jobs to make ends meet, I was unsatisfied in my work, my life and feeling like a failure on all fronts, at work, as well as at home with my family)…

Realising that no one was going to change my life for me, I made a decision to learn, to grow and to find out if there was merit behind this saying, I kept hearing “change your mindset, change your life”; and so, my journey began.

There is a lot of research out there, books written, specialists, therapists, etc which can provide guidance on where to start and how to begin to change your mindset. There is no right or wrong way to do this, the most important thing is that you do!

In my opinion (based on my own personal learning and journey) there are five areas to work on in order to create the most efficient and effective change to your mindset – Your beliefs, fears, perspective, self-talk and support.


Nearly everyone holds on to limiting beliefs that prevent them from realizing their dreams. Those who are able to challenge and overcome them go on to achieve their goals. Those who don’t continue to live in negative patterns – and often don’t even realize it.

Limiting beliefs are the stories we tell ourselves about who we really are: shy, overweight, undeserving of love or success. They aren’t true, and they can be replaced with empowering beliefs.

By rebuilding a positive set of habits, we are able to reach new levels of success* in all aspects of our lives.


When we have identified and gotten honest with ourselves about our belief system, we can then go deeper by really examining our fears. When we examine our fears, we ask ourselves questions like; what is the surface level fear? Where is it coming from? Is it a real or perceived fear? What is the underlying fear? What can I do to change my experience of it? And other such questions.

Fear is a destructive emotion; we often carry fears that we don’t need to. Overcoming your fears is a major step toward how to change your mind set for success.


Learning how to change your mindset can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes all it takes to change your mindset forever is the smallest shift in the way you see the world. One choice that we can easily make is the meaning that we give to our experiences. Tony Robins says, “Nothing in life has any meaning except the meaning I give it.” Do we see challenges as obstacles – or as opportunities?

When we start to make changes to our perspectives, we consider things like; how am I responding to situations? What am I doing, what am I thinking, what meaning am I giving things that I experience? When it comes to our perspectives a small shift with massive results.


When you’re thinking about how to change your mindset, do you find yourself mired in negative thoughts? If you do, focus on your language to change your mindset. Change your self-talk starting with how you begin your day. If you plant positive language in your head at the beginning of the day, you’ll feel more energetic. You might find it effective to make a mantra for yourself, depending on how you’re feeling.

Change your mantra as often as you need to, in order to maximize your own power. In addition, remember that it’s okay to need to correct your course many times during the day.

To keep your positivity flowing, surround yourself with people whose mindsets reflect where you want to be. And remember, setbacks are normal. Bounce back from setbacks by reminding yourself why you want to change.


Do you want to know how to change your mindset? Do you crave growth and joy in your life, but are unsure of where to start? Working with a professional coach is one of the most effective ways to change your mindset. By partnering up with a mentor who has already walked the path to success and knows the best strategies to execute to reach it, you, too, can become wildly successful in your life.

One of the big things I noticed when I started this journey for myself, was how hard it was to create change in my own mindset while still keeping everything else in my life the same. When the people around you, at work, at home, in your family, etc are not also embarking on this journey with you or have an understanding of the work you are doing it can all feel much much harder! I encourage you to find some likeminded people who you can share your experiences with, learn and grow together.

These days it is pretty easy to find a group or forum online though you might need to try a few before you find a community that really resonates for you. In time many of the people in your life will see you grow and change and want to know more but for now just find a few people who want to create change in their mindset (or have already done so) and enjoy the process!

I 100% believe that we all have within us the power and the resources to create a life we truly deeply love!

If you would like to know more about working with me as your transformation coach, please reach out to me via email at

Come join us, stay up to date with the exciting things we have planned, and learn more awesome stuff along the way by joining the community on one of the below platforms:

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Create a life you truly love!

Rebecca Matthews Transformation Coach The Mind and Body Co

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*Success is a word I use with a caveat, as ‘success’ is something that needs to be determined by the individual. What success looks like, feels like, means, represents etc is different for you from what it means for me, and we all have our own measures of success.


Rebecca Matthews

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